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We believe in change. People can change their life in just one week. We have seen it happen many times. Facing our own limits, beating whatever challenge is waiting for us, learning to manage our fears and limitations, opening ourselves to new cultures, thoughts and beliefs. On the other hand, we know that true inner change usually comes gradually and naturally whenever we feel it is the right time.

The Island Experience was created by a group of friends who share the same devotion for adventure, healthy habits, outdoor sports, wildlife and environment. Together, we have put up a very unique experience, different from other fitness and Yoga vacations. You will never be forced to do anything you don’t want to. . Hurrying and bossing our guests is just not our thing, we rather read what our guests want or need and do our best to adapt and customize the experience. That is why we do not qualify as   a Boot Camp.  We think that friendly encouragement and support work better.

We love and care for each other and do our best to live a simple, humble, peaceful and healthy life, learning from our own experiences and from others, trying to follow our own personal path while sharing our lives with others. We try to focus our lives in the present; because all we have is our present (the past is gone and tomorrow never knows). This is our choice and what we all aim, and we just want to share it with others.

Breathe... Disconnect... Live a healthier life...